About Wyetech

Wyetech is a small business founded by Mark Goss in June 2007. The vision for Wyetech has not changed, and never will. We hire awesome people, compensate them well, and apply their enthusiasm toward making customers happy.

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible environment for employees to thrive and provide stellar services and solutions for our customers and their respective missions.

Vision Statement

Engineering happiness for customers, with the happiness shared by our talented workforce.


President, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 844-WYETECH x700
Email: mgoss@wyetech.com

Mark has been the President, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Member for Wyetech since its founding in 2007.

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Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 844-WYETECH x701
Email: cpapp@wyetech.com

Christine is responsible for the accounting functions that include invoicing, external and internal reporting, contracts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, timekeeping, payroll and cash control.

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Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 844-WYETECH x745
Email: jkatrinak@wyetech.com

John, (AKA - “JK”), Is a 2020 Wyetech hire responsible for overseeing and reviewing the technologies that are germane to Wyetech’s mission and goals. He engages with industry and customers to ensure the technology-related decisions align with Wyetech’s vision and allow for company growth; while providing exemplary customer service.

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Chief Personnel Officer

Phone: 844-WYETECH x727
Email: dschroeder@wyetech.com

David manages the current staff at Wyetech where he works with new hires regarding the on-boarding process as well as coordinating with prime staffing managers and task leads. David also sources new qualified talent and retains our current talent with all the options available.

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Senior Contracts Manager

Phone: 844-993-8324 x713
Email: dsadler@wyetech.com

Danielle manages Wyetech's contracts and invoicing, as well as leads the coordination of business development activities.

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Capture and Program Manager

Phone: 844-WYETECH x702
Email: tmarlow@wyetech.com

Tina works on bids and proposals along with other business development and management tasks.

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