Wyetech Services

Wyetech’s team of experienced and motivated computer engineers will bring a high level of expertise to your program.

Whether you are interested in software engineering, systems engineering, cloud engineering, analysis, information assurance, or database engineering, Wyetech can provide the talent you need to deliver solutions that are on time, within scope, and on budget.

We only hire the best and brightest candidates, who are able to work in both team environments and independently as required.

Large or small, your program will receive the dedicated attention you need to meet your goals.

Capabilities Summary

Software Engineering

Our employees are skilled at exercising all stages of the Software Engineering lifecycle to include requirements gathering and analysis, architecture and design, implementation and software development, testing, documentation, and lifecycle support.

Tools and technologies that our engineers are skilled at utilizing include Java (J2SE, J2EE, JSP, J2ME, Servlets, AJAX, Hibernate, JAXB, Spring, GlassFish, OWF, ExtJS, JMS, JNDI, MBeans, JMX, JDBC, and more), JBoss, Tomcat, numerous frameworks and containers, C/C++, Eclipse, Netbeans, Clearquest, Clearcase, Subversion, CVS, VersionOne, make, ANT, XML, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS/TLS/SSL, shell scripting (BASH), MariaDB/MySQL, JavaScript, UNIX, RedHat Linux, Solaris, Windows, networking and sockets, virtual machines, and many other tools and software operating systems and platforms.
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System Engineering

Our developers are skilled at exercising all stages of the System Engineering lifecycle to include requirements analysis, architecture and design, implementation and software development, testing, documentation, and lifecycle support.

They establish an appropriate lifecycle model, process approach and governance structures, considering the levels of complexity, uncertainty, change, and variety. Our engineers consider both the business and the technical needs of customers with the goal of providing a quality solution that meets the needs of users and stakeholders with the intended purpose of real-world operations.
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Database Engineering

Our engineers write new as well as maintain existing programs that support Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, and MonogoDB database systems utilizing such tools and languages as C/C++, JAVA, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, and PYTHON.

They focus on data storage requirements, number of users accessing the databases, monitor systems to ensure high functionality, write new support programs and scripts to increase data storage capacity and fix existing database problems. As part of quality control they troubleshoot database code, checking for potential problems that affect database functionality and related database programs. As part of maintaining lifecycle support, they look through coding language to debug existing database scripts and programs; review daily, weekly, and monthly database reports, including user reports and systems information, to spot problems and ensure that all databases and support systems are working at peak levels.
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Cloud Computing

Wyetech Cloud developers possess the following skillsets to deliver services in Cloud Computing that include Hadoop, Cloudera, MapReduce, Accumulo, SaaS, HDFS, OpenStack, Distributed Cloud Environment (DCE), Docker, Kubernetes, Big Data Object Modeling, P2P Distributed Modeling, Routing, and CloudBase.

Cloud-native methodology includes concepts such as, microservices, stateless processing, component scalability, and abstraction in addition to containerization. All Wyetech developers are fully cleared to work on premises but are also capable of working off premises supporting both workplace and hybrid environments.
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Cross Domain Solutions

For well over a decade, Wyetech has employed Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) experts that have helped with the architecture, planning, development, and implementation of CDS.

Our employees offer expertise in design and development of Cross Domain Solutions that consist of commercial and government products that allow connectivity through secured and well-crafted gateway interfaces and filters while adhering to Policy in efforts to meet data and throughput obligations. Our software engineers develop Guard Farms, Firewalls, Filters, and Interface Control Documents (ICD) to meet the specifications and security requirements to allow the secure flow of data across multiple enclaves and platforms.
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Cyber Security Engineering/Information Assurance and Network Security/Information Warfare

In the areas of Cyber Security Engineering, Information Assurance, and Information Warfare, Wyetech has extensive experience in security requirements analysis, security integration, security testing, security documentation, and security deployments.

Cyber security technologies include a wide range of firewalls, intrusion detection systems (Snort), intrusion prevention systems, packet sniffers, network analyzers, network and dataflow monitoring tools, mission metrics and monitoring, metrics collection and distribution, certification and accreditation, vulnerability assessment, network intrusion and sustainment, vulnerability detection and exploitation, and numerous other technologies and skills in this area. Wyetech engineers utilize best practices and are well versed in applying appropriated monitoring tools such as Nmap, Hydra, Nessus, Splunk, and ClamAV to ensure Information and Network Security. Wyetech also lends its deep knowledge base of information and network security in supporting the development and implementation of capabilities that can directly support offensive operations. Engineers work hand in hand with Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO) and Managers (ISSM) to ensure the creation of System Security Plans (SSPs), STRM, and vulnerability assessment documentation.
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SIGINT, RF Engineering and Design

In the areas of SIGINT, RF Systems Development, Wyetech personnel have experience in HFDF, V/UHF JICD 4.2 precision Geolocation, antenna implementation, Survey and Collection systems integration solutions, fixed and mobile platforms, and extensive knowledge in data flow from forward deployed systems to backend repositories and processors.

Engineers perform research into state-of-the-art Software Designed Receivers (SDRs), servers, antennas, RF monitoring and processing solutions, and other peripherals to ensure appropriate system configurations to meet customer requirements and specifications to include incorporating all power, space, and cooling needs.
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Signals and Protocol Analysis

Wyetech Analysts are versed in performing signal and protocol identification; RF spectral waveform analysis; in-depth protocol analysis; demultiplexing; de-framing; collection, processing, and reporting; modulation and demodulation; protocol processing software development; data set characterization; unknown signals and protocol analysis; survey and exploitation.

Analysts are accustomed to using WVT, DVT - RF analysis and processing tool suites as well as versed in Protocol analysis tools such as Wireshark, Packet manipulation software suite, and creating XKeyscore fingerprints.
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