David Schroeder, Jr.

Chief Personnel Officer

Phone: 844-WYETECH x727
Email: dschroeder@wyetech.com

Wyetech has recently welcomed David Schroeder, Jr. to the team to help keep our workforce contractually content, to help place our qualified referrals, and to source new quality talent that are in line with Wyetech standards and goals.

David has over 10 years in Personnel Management, including process development, employee growth, career progression, and individual goal success by creating simple progression pathways. David’s professional development includes the introduction of Wyetech’s new Vacancy Portal and keeping it current in real time, the introduction of Wyetech’s new Applicant Tracking System, the continued development of Wyetech’s public facing presence, assisting Wyetech in efforts to be added to new and existing contract, and working with various partners to fully staff efforts on a multitude of missions.

David enjoys warm summer days and riding motorcycles. In 2022, during his final year of competition, David won 2 National Titles with ASRA (American Superbike Racing Association), an organization which is recognized by the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association). David and his wife Susana are expecting their first-born child in January of 2023. Her name will be Layla Isabella Schroeder.

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